VTB College

Clubs @ VTB

The primary tasks of the several clubs in our college is to:

  • Improve the quality of various academic and administrative activities of the college;
  • Organize seminars and self awareness classes for women;
  • Conducting seminars and classes to raise the literature and linguistic support;
  • Provide the maximum protection for nature and beings.


The women forum-"Rewa" was inauguarated on 15th october 2014 by the famous writer Thanuja S Bhattathiri.

The selected representatives are:

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MITAKSHARA - Student's Literary Club

Students Literary Club 'Mitaksara' was inaugurated on 05.12.2014 by Dr. Geetha, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Malayalam, SNGS College Pattambi.

The selected representatives are:

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NARMADA- Nature Club

Our pledge: "I promise to conserve nature in my country and work to protect its soil, air,water, flora and fauna so that they stay beautiful and rich for my generation and generations to come". The nature club called "Narmada" was officially inagurated at Sreekrishnapuram V. T. Bhattathiripad college in 1985 by planting a banyan tree in the college premises.


Students Literary Club 'Mitaksara' was inaugurated on 05.12.2014 by Dr. Geetha, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Malayalam, SNGS College Pattambi.


The club operates jointly with the Department of History to acquaint all students about their rights and duties.

Convener: Dr.Geetha K

  1. To familiarize the idea of human rights and its concept.
  2. To study and examine cases of human rights violation in the Campus


The college hosts an Entrepreneurial Development Club under the guidance of the Department of Commerce which promotes entrepreneurial skills among the students. Students are given the opportunity to develop skills relating to various careers and self-employment opportunities. Industrial visits and interactions with leading entrepreneurs are organized.

Convener: Bindu T.


The Health Club of the college aims to inculcate the value of good health and wellness. The department of Physical Education along with the health club caters to the physical fitness, an important component of wellness. Yoga and meditation classes are conducted for teachers and students.

Convener:Sadeep K

  1. To develop a desirable Health attitude among the students.
  2. • To provide health counseling.


Arts Club is a part of the College Union of the students. Arts club aims at nurturing and enriching creativity among the students. An Arts club teacher advisor is chosen to guide and advise the Arts club of the college. Arts club identifies talented fine arts students, train and encourage them to participate in various inter and intra college cultural programmes.

Convener:M. K. Narayanan NAmboothiri V


The Tourism club of the college is set to create awareness about tourism among the students of our college. The club conducts seminars and talks on the relevance of Tourism in Kerala. The career prospects in Toursim are disseminated to generate a positive attitude towards tourism.

Convener:Sadeep K


Cinema being one of the most influential media amongst the student community led to the conceptualization of Film club in our college. The Club screens good films to educate the students of the various issues put forth and to creatively employ the cinematic medium for pertinent interventions on socially relevant issues.

Convener: M. K. Narayanan Namboothiri


The Debate club provides a platform for students to express and articulate their ideas and thoughts effectively and boldly. Students are encouraged to participate in inter and intra collegiate debate competition.

  1. Develop debating Skills


Quiz club of the college coordinates various quiz programmes of the college. .

  1. To promote interest in Quizzing
  2. To encourage students to participate in quiz competitions held at other colleges and Universities
  • To enhance their general Knowledge