Department of Sanskrit

India has a large cultural tradition comprising her literature, philosophy and other lore starting from the age-old days of the Rigveda. The post- vedic language in which the first poetic spark was flashed in the earliest epic, viz., the Ramayana by the primordialpoet (adikavi) Valmiki, was the classical Sanskrit language. The Sanskrit language gave birth to along and rich literary tradition of legendary literature, the Puranas. Simultaneously, a great enlightening tradition of philosophical speculations and other technical literature like architecture, painting and sculpture, law and jurisprudence, grammatical literature and literary criticism developed and continued- all in the classical Sanskrit language.

As we have stated in our Mission statement, the most important mission of V.T. Bhattathiripad Collegeis to propagate value education based on Indian tradition and it is imperative that learning of this classical language is the only way of doing that. The Department of Sanskrit, Sreekrishnapuram V.T. Bhattathiripad College, is as old as the College itself having come into existence in 1982, the year the College came into being. The College was having only Pre degree as course study at that time and Sanskrit was taught as a second language. And later in 1991 when the College was allotted an undergraduate program in Sanskrit, the Department became a full-fledged one. The Department of Sanskrit provides students with an opportunity to develop competence in Sanskrit through which, the literature, the religious and philosophical traditions, the aesthetic and artistic traditions, and the moral and social traditions of India could be studied. The Department performs many academic activities. We published a souvenir titled 'RTAM' and organized many seminars. The students of this department bagged the many University ranks, in spite of being in an area which is considered backward in education .Two students of this department had entered the state government service as lecturers. Many students of this department are working as higher secondary teachers, and high school teachers.


To assist learning of students, the department has established libraries with subject books. Department conducts a good tutorial system which help the teachers to find the problems of students. Counseling is based on this information. Teachers of this department actively participate in academic activities of college. Class wise PTA meetings are held thrice in a year in which academic status of students are discussed wit their parents. To cultivate interaction and lecturing ability, a seminar is conducted every week on current affairs. Every teacher maintains class diaries and work diaries.

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