VTB College

Mission & Vision

The vision of our college is based on The Upanishad Mantra Tamasõma Jŷotiŗ Gamaya which means – Lead me from darkness to light - From Ignorance to Knowledge/Wisdom. This mantra has always had the power to lead our students to attain knowledge inculcate values and helped to nurture them to become good human being. The emblem of the College is a symbolic embodiment of the vision of the Institution. A prayer, containing this Mantra, is recited every morning before classes begin. The college was established in memory of the great social reformer V. T. Bhatthatiripad. The ideologies and principles of this great reformer have been adopted as the mission of our college.

  • Provide access to Higher Education opportunities to students in rural area.
  • Propagate and inculcate value education based on Indian culture and heritage to the student community and thereby to the society at large.
  • To update society with modern technological innovations and provide knowledge and personnel for developmental needs.
  • Protect our environment and ecology for the generations to come.