VTB College

Dr. Saritha Namboodiri

Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Computer Science

Qualification :   MCA, PhD

Address        :   Sreekrishnapuram P. O

Phone No      :   9447889128

Email            :   saritha16.namboodiri@gmail.com

Projects and Achievements

1. Saritha Namboodiri, Shilpa R., Steganography in putative protein coding regions of eukaryotic DNA: a novel approach, International Journal of Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering , 2013

2. Saritha Namboodiri, Kripadas K, Spec P- a tool for spectral partitioning of Protein contact network, Bioinformation , 2013.

3. Saritha Namboodiri, Alessandro Giuliani, Achuthsankar S. Nair, Pawan K. Dhar, Looking for a sequence based allostery definition: a statistical journey at different resolution scales, Journal of Theoretical Biology (Elsevier)304:211-218, 2012.

4. Saritha Namboodiri, Chandra Verma, Pawan K. Dhar, Alessandro Giuiani, Achuthsankar S. Nair Application of Recurrence Quantfication Analysis (RQA) in Biosequence Pattern Recognition, Advances in Computing and communications, Communication in Computer and Information Science (Springer), 190:284-293, 2011.

5. Saritha Namboodiri, Chandra Verma, Pawan K. Dhar, Alessandro Giuliani, Achuthsankar S. Nair Sequence signatures of allosteric proteins: toward rational design. Systems and Synthetic Biology Journal (Springer), 4:271-280, 2010.