VTB College

K. R. Sandeep Narayan

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Qualification :     M.Sc., PhD

Address        :   Kurusarur Mana
                           Thrissur- 680588

Phone No      :   9447006556

Email                appunaran@yahoo.com


Books Published
1. Distance Parameters in Graphs and Arcs in Complement of Fuzzy graph, Scholar’s Press, Omni Spectrum GmbH & Co, Heinrich Bocking Str. 6-8, 66121 Germany, ISBN 978-3-639-86129-7

Conference Papers:
1. Types of arcs in Complement of Fuzzy Graphs - Presented at National Conference On Emerging trends in fluid mechanics and graph theory, organized by Dept of Mathematics, Christ university Bangalore, 11-2-2011 to 12-2-2011.

Refereed Journals
1. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Types of arcs in Complement of a fuzzy graph, Mapana Journal of Sciences, Vol.10, Issue 2, pp 75-81 (2011).
2. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Connectivity in a fuzzy graph and its complement, General Mathematics Notes, Vol.9 Issue 1, pp 38-43(2012).
3. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Some Remarks on Complement of Fuzzy Graphs, IOSR Journal Of Mathematics, Vol. 7 Issue 4, pp 75-77(2013) .
4. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Detour Distance and Self Centered Graphs, Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vol. 10, pp 247-252(2014).
5. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Detour Eccentric and Detour Distance Degree Sequences in Graphs, Discrete Mathematics Algorithms and Applications, Vol. 7, No. 3(2015).
6. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Eccentric Connectivity Index and Detour Eccentric Connectivity Index - A comparison, Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol 9, No 2, pp 233-239(2015).
7. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Some Notes on Self Centered Graphs,IJISM ,Vol 3, No.4, pp 211-213(2015) .
8. Sandeep Narayan, M.S.Sunitha, Early detection of Autism- An application of fuzzy graphs -, IJMCR, Vol 3, No.8, pp1133-1142(2015).