VTB College


Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. The policy of the institution for creation and enhancement of infrastructure that facilitate effective teaching and learning is framed by the management of the College.


  • CCTV cameras are fitted for security purpose.
  • Class rooms and campus cleanliness, campus maintenance is ensured by the support staff.
  • Security staff provides safety to the students.
  • The college has a generator system for uninterrupted power supply.
  • The college has electrician for general maintenance regarding the electrical work.
  • Special efforts are made for eco-friendly campus. All trees are tagged with botanical names.
  • NSS units of the college are regularly involved in cleanliness activities of the premises of the Campus.


  • Stock Register of Laboratory equipments is maintained in the laboratory.
  • Technical Assistant maintains the laboratory and all the equipments of the Laboratory.
  • Timely updates, backup, installation of anti-virus software and Firewalls are handled by the Technical Assistant.
  • Log books are maintained in the Computer Laboratory.
  • Annual maintenance contract ensures the upkeep of important equipments.
  • UPS is provided to power sensitive equipment and computers and air-conditioner is provided for proper maintenance of the Computer Equipments.
  • Repairs and servicing is of the laboratories / equipment facilities are periodically done by external qualified technical experts.


  • Librarian maintains the Library.
  • Walk-in registers are kept in the Library.
  • Stock register is maintained for all books / Journals/periodicals in the library.
  • Library committee is constituted every year to take care of the needs of the library.
  • Supporting staff in the library guide and help students to locate and return books.
  • INFLIBNET and browsing facilities are provided in the Library.


  • All the sports equipment is under the supervision of Physical Education faculty.